Aircraft Accidents

When using air travel we entrust our lives and those of our loved ones to the designers and manufacturers who built the aircraft, personnel who provide critical maintenance, those who operate and direct the machinery, and the Federal Aviation Administration.

But occasionally aircraft designs are bad, or the plane is poorly maintained or repaired, and systems fail. Sometimes an inadequately trained or inattentive pilot loses command.  Then the worst nightmare comes true at 35,000 feet. 

The potential causes of aircraft crashes are usually complex. Often months and sometimes years pass before the authorities reach and publish a conclusion.  In the U.S., the National Transportation Safety Board investigates.  Different governmental groups and entities may perform investigations at the same time – particularly when the crash occurs outside of the country.  At the same time the manufacturers will send out their own personnel and consult with their engineers.

The families of victims and the occasional survivor are usually shut out of the investigation process.  They are not given an official role or voice in the NTSB investigation.  They will not be given answers before the results are generally made public.   When the Stritmatter firm is hired in an air crash case, we do not sit quietly while the government entities investigation.  We push for information.  We retain highly qualified experts who perform independent investigations.  We monitor the NTSB and other investigations.  And we file lawsuits which allow us to obtain documents, materials, and testimony from the responsible corporations. 

Our lawyers have successfully handled plane, private jet and helicopter cases in the US as well as global airline disasters in The Netherlands, the Atlantic Ocean and Indonesia.

aircraft accident cases