Trial Insider Podcast: Dinh v. Ride the Ducks

With court testimony, interviews, and archival sound, this podcast pieces together the legal and historical landscape that surrounded the fatal collision between Ride the Ducks vehicle and a charter bus on September 24, 2015 in Seattle. It explores the months-long trial that ensued and hears from people whose lives will never be the same. But the 2015 crash was not the only duck boat accident. There have been many others across the country and world, a number of them fatal. How do duck boats —and repurposed U.S. m military vehicles from World War II —sustain so many major accidents and remain in the tourist business? After his and other lawsuits, will they?

The Velvet Hammer Podcast

Trial lawyers can be real people too – even when hosting a podcast.  Oh sure we act like we have everything under control all the time.  But of course we don’t.  Take this photo – can you tell that I forgot to take out my invisalign braces and that my dress is accidentally on backwards…

Certain adversaries  have accused me of being overly dramatic, calculating, even a sensationalist.  In one recent case some referred to me as: Queen Karen.  But from my standpoint, I’m just your typical well prepared, aggressive, dominating trial lawyer wrapped up in an sweet little mommy/grandma package.  This podcast is an inside look at what makes trial lawyers tick.  It is in real time.  Is not pre-scripted or rehearsed.  And most importantly –  is fun.