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37 passengers of Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 are seeking to add claims to a lawsuit involving the door plug that blew out mid-flight on January 5, 2024.  The proposed complaint alleges that Boeing defrauded the FAA, the Department of Justice, and the public with false promises to overhaul the company’s safety culture and quality control.  In 2015 and 2021, Boeing settled two enforcement actions with the FAA and one criminal fraud action with U.S. Department of Justice where the company guaranteed safety changes. 

The proposed lawsuit alleges Boeing corporate management in Chicago intentionally evaded those promises despite pleas from whistleblowers and employees at the company’s Seattle-based manufacturing facilities.  A congressionally mandated FAA Expert Panel issued a report on February 26 faulting Boeing for “inadequate and potentially confusing implementation” of safety improvements.  Plaintiffs seek punitive damages for corporate misconduct and fraud.

“Boeing knew about the safety problems and repeatedly promised everyone it would fix them. Now it is clear that was public relations covering up much deeper failures, so it could maximize aircraft deliveries.  That’s why a door plug blew out mid-flight in a new airplane,” explained Seattle attorney Dan Laurence of the Stritmatter Firm. 

“This happened while Boeing was still under a deferred prosecution agreement for defrauding the United States.  If that wasn’t enough motivation for Boeing, we hope this lawsuit will help protect the public,” said attorney Andrew Ackley, another attorney in the firm.

Initially brought as a class action, the lawsuit seeks to convert to a mass tort case, and brings new claims against Spirit Aerospace, one of Boeing’s sub-manufacturers. 

Second Amended Complaint