44.7M Jury Verdict

B.S. was 26 when Kelly Holguin failed to yield and turned left in front of his motorcycle. In that instant, B.S.’s future changed completely. An EMT and emergency room tech at Valley Medical Center, B.S. had trained to become a firefighter, had served as a volunteer, and was applying to fire departments around the state.


B.S. suffered life-threatening polytrauma. He had a number of serious orthopedic injuries, including a peripheral nerve injury involving his right leg.

Holguin was insured by Allstate, which promised her full indemnity.

On October 21, 2022, after a five-week trial in Pierce County Superior Court, the jury completely affirmed B.S.’s losses and injuries. Holguin was found to be 95% at fault for the collision, with 5% attributed to B.S.



Video by Luca Savotsky of Pike & Pine: Legal Media & Design

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