Karen Koehler, Anne, and Furhad Sultani helped me through the hardest time of my life. As a practicing attorney, I knew I needed the best representation possible when catastrophe struck. My legal team kept me updated every step of the way while also shielding me from the process so I could focus on recovering. In the end, I got the highest recovery possible while working with a team who showed me nothing but care, compassion, and dedication. Stritmatter delivered on their promise to help me. I fully recommend hiring this firm.

— Andrew L.

My experience with Stritmatter Kessler Koehler was very professional and my case was handled with care. They truly wanted what was best for me. Melanie Nguyen never gave up or wavered on what would be fair and equitable for all parties. I always felt and was treated like I had a say every step of the way. I hope I never need a lawyer again, but if I do, I know who to call.

— Jaymie J.

Ray Kahler was easy to talk with about my case. He was very helpful and thorough. I would strongly recommend his lawyer expertise to my family and friends!

— Mark S.

Karen Koehler and Anne were incredibly helpful to us in our legal case. They continued to work diligently for us and after receiving a settlement, they believed it wasn’t enough and we received a second settlement. They were always gracious, extremely competent, and diligent. We recommend them and fully believe in them.

— Plasma Vlogs

I had never before had to have an attorney’s help in my life and Lisa Benedetti helped me through it very well with little stress and worries anytime I had questions or concerns. All I had to do was call and they would have answers for me and if they didn’t they would get them. I would recommend them to anybody that is needing an attorney.

— T.Y.

Andrew Ackley represented me after I was hit by a motor vehicle and sustained serious injuries. Andrew gave me sound advice and advocated tenaciously for me. He and his team including his paralegal, Deb, were available at every turn. Andrew explained each step and all strategy in a straightforward way that left me and my family feeling more secure knowing our rights were protected. Nobody wants to go through this kind of experience. It can be confusing to select a lawyer, but if you find yourself needing excellent representation, Andrew has the experience, knowledge and personality that you can trust.


Dan Laurence worked tirelessly on my case to help bring closure to me and my family after my mother’s wrongful death. There were so many times I felt anger and pain and Dan helped me to stay focused and positive. I was extremely happy with the outcome of my case and it would not have been possible without his hard work, support and commitment. I would recommend Dan to anyone facing such a horrible ordeal to bring those responsible to justice.


This was my first time dealing with an accident involving my child and I had little knowledge of how the court system or the insurance claims worked. Lisa Benedetti and Elodie were amazing advocates for my son! They were thorough, compassionate, and understanding while working with both of us. They were helpful every step of the way and answered all my questions. Their expertise in navigating the system helped my son get an outcome that was the best it could have been. I absolutely could not have done this without their help.


My experience with Dan Laurence was nothing short of amazing. I would highly recommend him and Stritmatter Kessler Koehler Moore to friends and family. From our first meeting and through the finality of my case, Dan was not only extremely knowledgeable, professional, and experienced, but it was clear that he genuinely cared about my injuries and how they affected the quality of my life. At every turn, Dan consistently went above and beyond to zealously represent me, and as a result, I felt completely safe and secure throughout the process. When my own insurance company refused to cover a surgery that would help alleviate some of my painful symptoms, Dan wrote such a convincing appeal that they agreed to cover the surgery. Without Dan, I wouldn’t have been afforded this critical, time-sensitive opportunity to heal, as paying out-of-pocket would have financially destroyed me. Between this accomplishment, and my being extremely happy with the settlement amount of my case, I cannot thank and recommend Dan highly enough.


Karen Koehler was terrific! After a major wreck caused by a man with dementia running a stop sign almost killed me and put me in the ICU for 3 and 1/2 weeks, my wife reached out to Karen, who was referred to her. Karen and her staff were caring and showed real concern as they helped steer us through the complex legal process. I don’t know what we would have without them!

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