Seattle Children’s Hospital Aspergillus Mold

In November 2019, Seattle Children’s Hospital issued a press statement that 14 of its patients had been sickened and six had died due to Aspergillus mold on its premises since 2001. Stritmatter Kessler Koehler Moore and the John Layman Law Firm filed a lawsuit on December 2, 2019, against Seattle Children’s Hospital on behalf of the child patients who became infected by Aspergillus mold after they were hospitalized between the late 1990s through 2019. The complaint alleges: that hospital administrators failed to maintain a safe environment for the patients the…

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Motorcycle Officer Falls Onto I-5

On August 15, 2023, Bellevue Police motorcycle officer Kevin Bereta was part of a team of officers charged with escorting Vice President Kamala Harris during her public duties around the Seattle area. As Officer Bereta was traveling across a freeway overpass, his motorcycle struck the side of the rail, and he was ejected.     The railing was only 27" tall. He slid over the top and plunged 60 feet onto the freeway below. Officer Bereta landed on the cement and survived – a miracle. An approaching driver was able…

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Former Top Husky Football Recruit Files Medical Negligence

At age 17, Emeka Megwa was a highly recruited running back out of Fort Worth, Texas. After suffering an ACL injury in high school play, he enrolled at UW over other prominent football programs specifically because UW assured him that the team could manage his rehabilitation. The lawsuit alleges that after Jimmy Lake’s coaching staff left the program, new staff and trainers ignored the recovery plan set by surgeons and repeatedly pushed Emeka in workouts beyond the limits of his recovery, by giving him painkillers and publicly ridiculing him.

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Dog Attack

Stritmatter firm attorneys Gemma Zanowski and Melanie Nguyen, along with co-counsel Anthony Alfieri, filed a lawsuit against King County for their failure to protect an Auburn community from multiple vicious dogs housed by squatters on a run-down and dangerous residential property. The ongoing hazards on the property, including criminal activity, dangerous dogs, and piled-up waste and garbage, were known to King County since at least 2020. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of Gyongyi Maas and her husband Michael. Ms. Maas suffered devastating injury on February 22, 2022, when she was mauled by vicious…

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Class Action Filed Against Alaska Airlines on Behalf of Endangered Passengers

The law firm Stritmatter Kessler Koehler Moore (The Stritmatter Firm) has filed a class action lawsuit against Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air on behalf of the passengers aboard Alaska Airlines flight 2059 from Everett, WA to San Francisco on Sunday, October 22, 2023, operated by Alaska Airlines’ affiliate, Horizon Air. An Alaska Airlines off-duty pilot, Joseph David Emerson, who has admitted that he did not meet federal minimum requirements for pre-flight rest and prohibiting drug abuse and was having a mental crisis, was allowed to ride in the cockpit’s “jump…

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Barra, et al v., Inc., et al

On August 4, 2022, Richard Barra, a husband and father of three young children, was killed when an Amazon delivery driver improperly turned left and struck him.  But the insurance company was quick to point out that it only insured South Sound Last Mile LLC, which rented the Amazon Van from Amazon Logistics which says it is a different company than Amazon.  Amazon it seemed was off the hook. The Stritmatter Firm filed a Complaint for wrongful death and damages against Amazon on October 12th in Pierce County Superior Court,…

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Alaska Airlines Flight 1282

On January 11th 2023, The Stritmatter Firm filed a class-action lawsuit against The Boeing Company on behalf of the passengers on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282, operated with a Boeing 737-MAX 9. The Incident  On January 5, 2024, the flight experienced a critical failure when the aircraft's left-side door plug detached mid-flight, leading to rapid depressurization. The emergency necessitated a return to Portland International Airport. This incident not only exposed passengers to immediate physical danger but also unveiled systemic issues within the manufacturing and quality assurance processes of The Boeing Company and…

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