On January 11th 2023, The Stritmatter Firm filed a class-action lawsuit against The Boeing Company on behalf of the passengers on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282, operated with a Boeing 737-MAX 9.

The Incident 

On January 5, 2024, the flight experienced a critical failure when the aircraft’s left-side door plug detached mid-flight, leading to rapid depressurization. The emergency necessitated a return to Portland International Airport. This incident not only exposed passengers to immediate physical danger but also unveiled systemic issues within the manufacturing and quality assurance processes of The Boeing Company and the operational decisions of Alaska Airlines.

The Plaintiffs’ Stand for Accountability

A group of courageous passengers have taken a stand against the aerospace giant Boeing and Alaska Airlines. This lawsuit alleges negligence, product liability, and breach of the common carrier’s duty, arguing that both companies failed to ensure the safety and well-being of their passengers. These plaintiffs seek justice not only for the physical injuries and emotional trauma they endured but also to prevent such a terrifying event from happening again.

Attorney Daniel Laurence Speaks Out

“The NTSB has yet to pinpoint an exact root cause of Flight 1282’s alarming decompression. But given Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun’s forthright admission that this terrifying event was caused by Boeing’s “mistake” (a soft take on its apparent negligence), our passenger clients elected to file suit as soon as possible in order to seek fair compensation for their injuries and those of all other passengers, spouses, and registered domestic partners, as soon as reasonably possible. Unfortunately, although everyone is glad that the blow-out occurred while the crew could still manage to land the aircraft safely, this nightmare experience has caused economic, physical and ongoing emotional consequences that have understandably deeply affected our clients, and is one more disturbing black mark on the troubled 737-MAX series aircraft.”


For media inquiries or further information about the lawsuit, please contact Kassie Seaton at 360-310-3398 or kassie@stritmatter.com.

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