On August 15, 2023, Bellevue Police motorcycle officer Kevin Bereta was part of a team of officers charged with escorting Vice President Kamala Harris during her public duties around the Seattle area. As Officer Bereta was traveling across a freeway overpass, his motorcycle struck the side of the rail, and he was ejected.



The railing was only 27″ tall. He slid over the top and plunged 60 feet onto the freeway below.
Officer Bereta landed on the cement and survived – a miracle. An approaching driver was able to stop before striking him – a second miracle. Aid arrived quickly since an ambulance was in the motorcade, and he was taken to Harborview Medical Center with massive polytrauma.



Officer Bereta is married to Jenny – an ICU nurse at Evergreen Hospital. They have three sons under the age of 5. Jenny is Officer Bereta’s caregiver and now can only work part-time at the hospital with limited benefits.

Due to a glitch in the Bellevue Police Department Guild’s contract with the City of Bellevue, Officer Bereta had only six months to heal and return to work before his benefits would be retracted.

But as of February 2024, Officer Bereta remains fully disabled. In an attempt to retain his benefits and health insurance, the Guild asked the City of Bellevue to make an exception. This request was denied.

In desperation, Officer Bereta asked his physicians to clear him for light duty. But they refused. Explaining that he would be seriously jeopardizing his health and recovery prospects as he sustained a severe spinal cord injury.

A patchwork quilt of nonprofits have promised to help Officer Bereta make insurance payments for the next several months. But every day, he and Jenny remain in a state of constant stress and worry as they face additional expensive surgeries and treatment. Stritmatter Kessler Koehler Moore is honored to stand alongside the Bereta family during this challenging time. We are privileged to facilitate his GoFundMe campaign, ensuring that 100% of this campaign’s donations will directly support Officer Bereta and his family.

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