Government Liability Lawsuits

The old English rule was “The King can do no wrong.” Fortunately, we have come a long ways. 

In the 1961, Washington State waived governmental immunity, and held itself to the same code of conduct and accountability “as if it were a private person or corporation.”  RCW 4.92.090.  In 1967, the Washington Legislature held local governments to the same standards.  RCW 4.96.010. 

Whether it be unsafe sidewalks or roads, government vehicles, the control of prisoners in and out of our penal system, the care provided in government medical facilities, or many other venues, governments and their employees cannot be careless.   

We at SKKM helped establish the legal responsibility of governments to exercise reasonable care in the design, construction and maintenance of our roads, highways and sidewalks.  And we have continued to enforce those legal obligations on behalf of our clients injured by the failure of governments to meet that standard.

Cases against governmental entities involve distinct and unique rules in pleadings, discovery, jury selection and persuasive arguments to assure appropriate justice for injured citizens of our state.  We have worked for decades in this field and have helped hundreds of our clients hold governmental entities responsible for their errors and negligence. 

Recent government Liability cases