Class Action Lawsuits

If someone cheats you out of a small amount of money, are you going to fight back?  You’d want to.  But sadly, most folks can’t afford to hire a lawyer and pay lawyer bills and expenses, especially when the amount at stake is small.  That’s where a class action come in.  A class action is a type of case that allows a group of people to band together, typically represented by one or more “class representatives” who work with us to go after companies who cheat or mislead their customers.  In most instances, a class action involves one common issue – e.g., was the paint the company sold you defective?  If the answer is “yes”, you could sue the company on your own, but the cost to you of doing so is probably more than the cost of the defective paint.  A class action allows you to fight back.

Some questions you might have when considering a class action:

  1. Do I have to pay my lawyers up front or advance costs?  The answer is “No”.  If we take your case as a potential class action, our fees would come out of the recovery we make for the class, but only if we’re successful.

  2. Do I personally have to advance the costs of pursuing my case as a class action?  The answer is “No”.  Our firm would advance all litigation costs.  Moreover, unlike every other type of case, you are not ultimately responsible to reimburse costs advanced on your case. 

Recent class action cases