Car Accident Lawsuits

Our country’s love affair with automobiles is complicated by the risk of serious injury and death due to negligence by others.  But insurance companies and their covered drivers who cause preventable crashes will usually deny responsibility, even in the most clear cut cases.  Defense excuses in cases we have handled include for example:

·         Sun was in eyes

·         Didn’t take medication

·         Only glanced at phone for a second

·         It was raining

·         Bush was in the way

·         Didn’t realize no left turn on a green ball without first yielding right of way

·         Hadn’t traveled on that road before

·         Pedestrian was wearing dark clothing.

Insurance adjusters are trained to contact the injured/surviving family members as soon after an automobile accident as possible.  They follow “empathy” scripts.  And often will attempt to settle with the unrepresented.  They do not want lawyers involved as this will likely increase the amount the insurance company will be required to eventually pay.

In the case of catastrophic vehicle crashes, those involved will be struggling with medical issues, psychological harm, and coping with life changes that may include untimely death. 

Legal counsel should be hired as soon after a collision occurs as possible.  Evidence must be preserved.  This can include the actual vehicles.   Insurance issues can be complicated especially if there is more than one entity at fault.  Personal Injury Protection and Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist provisions may be available. 

The experienced team at SKKM is skilled in handling all types of auto crashes and the injuries that result.  But most importantly we care for our clients every step of the way through the litigation process.

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