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April 8, 2019 

 Firm Updates

Lisa Benedetti Joins the Stritmatter Firm

Lisa Benedetti.jpg

By Karen Koehler

In 2009, I was teaching Trial Advocacy at the University of Washington School of Law.  In my small section was a tenacious student named Lisa Benedetti.  She was impressive. I recommended to the Firm that she be brought on as a legal intern. 

We were not hiring at the time, but were committed to helping train up the next generation of lawyers.  Lisa stood out immediately as a fantastic legal writer.  She would ask the questions she needed.  Then was able to figure out how everything fit together.  This in itself was a rarity – as most law students need more time to be able to understand the practice versus the theory of law.  Her research and writing skills were top drawer.  We even gave her an appellate brief project to do.  She handled the briefing from start to finish.  Garth Jones who would normally have done the briefing and was prepared to do revisions – was amazed as was I.   Lisa’s brief was filed and we won the appeal.

After law school Lisa went on to work in other plaintiff firms.  Although we remained friends, it was not until August of 2018 that we became professionally reunited.  The firm was in the midst of Ride the Ducks trial preparation overload.  We needed more help and hired two contract lawyers.  One of whom was Lisa.    Despite the rigor of the size of the case involved, she jumped right in and figured out what we wanted to do.  We moved her from preparing exhibit lists to writing motions.  During the trial Lisa churned out a steady stream of motions and responses to motions usually in a day’s turn around.    We were so impressed that in the middle of the trial we asked her to join our firm.  To our delight she said yes.

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