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Today, The Stritmatter Firm in association with Layman Law Firm has filed a Class Action Complaint against Seattle Children’s Hospital regarding instances of Aspergillus mold contamination going back as early as 2000. The Complaint alleges as follows:

For decades Defendant Seattle Children’s Hospital Medical Center has been one of the most revered pediatric medical facilities in the country.

In November 2019, Defendant shocked the public by admitting its premises at 4800 Sandpoint Way Northeast, Seattle, Washington, had been contaminated with Aspergillus mold since 2001 which sickened and caused the death of numerous child patients.

By at least 2005, Defendant knew the transmission of Aspergillus into its premises could be related to its air-handling system.  At that time in order to win a lawsuit brought by the Patnode family, Defendant hired lawyers and experts in an attempt to disprove that fact. 

During the course of that lawsuit troubling information surfaced regarding the Defendant’s failure to maintain and staff its air-handling systems.  In 2008, Defendant settled the lawsuit and insisted on confidentiality. In the following years the Defendant kept a deadly secret: Aspergillus continued to contaminate Children’s Hospital. Defendant engaged in a cover-up designed to reassure its patients, doctors, nurses, and the public that its premises were safe, when in fact they were not.

This Class Action lawsuit is brought on behalf of the child patients of Defendant who became infected by Aspergillus mold after they were hospitalized between 2001 and the present time.

A copy of the lawsuit is below.

If you believe you or your child may be a member of this class, please contact the firm here: