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By Andrew Ackley

After reporting one case of E. coli linked to the national outbreak of romaine lettuce from Salinas, California, Public Health – Seattle & King County is now reporting seven cases of E. coli potentially tied to one Seattle restaurant chain: “Six of seven people who became ill during November 10–15, 2019, ate dishes containing raw vegetables, including leafy greens, from Evergreens restaurants during November 5–11, 2019.”

In four of the seven cases, the strain of E. coli did not match the national outbreak linked to the Salinas growing region. Public Health is still waiting on test results for the other three cases.

Public Health – Seattle & King County notes that Evergreens is cooperating fully with the investigation and that investigators have not identified any behavioral risk factors or specific restaurant-related causes.

Contact us here or email Andrew Ackley with any questions about E. coli cases.