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If the case involves serious life-changing or life-ending circumstances, it is important to choose an attorney who is highly experienced, talented, and well respected by their peers and foes.

The Stritmatter Firm is one of the top-rated personal injury law firms in the State and is nationally known. Our firm’s reputation is built on past success in obtaining large verdicts and settlements.  The strength of the firm helps to level the playing field in our battles against insurance companies, large corporations, and governmental entities. But there are many other considerations in hiring a personal injury lawyer, which all revolve around building a trust relationship. Who do you trust to have the experience and resources to successfully prosecute your case?  Who do you trust to understand you as a person and tell your story? Who do you trust to help during perhaps one of the hardest times of your life?


  1. WHAT TYPES OF CASES DOES THE FIRM HANDLE?Attorneys focus on certain types of cases within their chosen “practice areas.”  For personal injury attorneys, these can include, for example, auto accidents, product liability, medical malpractice, and brain injury law. Each different practice area involves different skill sets. For example, an attorney who almost only handles auto accident cases, will usually not be able to handle a medical malpractice case unless they partner with a lawyer in that practice area. An attorney who holds themselves out as handling brain injury law – may handle everything ranging from auto accidents to premises liability cases.The Stritmatter Firm limits our practice to serious personal injury and wrongful death cases. The firm combines the strength of its attorneys who have specialized in a broad range of personal injury practice areas for decades. Visit our Practice Areas page to learn about our experience and success in numerous types of personal injury claims.
  2. WHY IS A SUCCESSFUL TRACK RECORD IMPORTANT FOR PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEYS?Since 1945, The Stritmatter Firm has been widely known for our experience, knowledge, outstanding results in big cases, compassion for clients, and leadership within the plaintiff trial lawyer bar. Around half of our cases come to us as referrals from other attorneys.  We are a “go-to” firm and other plaintiff lawyers regularly bring cases that are too expensive or complicated for them to handle on their own.Having a strong reputation is an important part of being able to negotiate with insurance companies and governmental entities. They look to a firm’s track record in pursuing cases through trial and obtaining large verdicts. Using that information they evaluate the risk of whether they should settle or go to trial. The higher the risk – the tougher and better the plaintiff lawyer – the higher the settlement offer.  Even so – some cases should always go to trial.  Because the defendant will never offer fair compensation for the wrong done. And because a jury trial is a precious right that will often exceed the settlement value of a case.A firm’s success also provides resources to bring challenging cases to trial. Insurance companies and corporate defendants have limitless resources and try to pressure some lawyers to settle for less than a case is worth because lawsuits can be so expensive. But they know certain firms like ours do not back down. Challenging and high-stakes cases have been the essence of our firm for decades.
Phuong Dinh, one of the nearly 50 plaintiffs The Stritmatter Firm represented in the Ride The Ducks Aurora Bridge Crash
Phuong Dinh, one of the nearly 50 plaintiffs The Stritmatter Firm represented in the Ride The Ducks Aurora Bridge Crash. Photo by Julia Canfield.

Personal injury lawsuits get personal. Your lawyer’s ultimate job is to tell your story—what happened to you and what you have been through. They can only do that well if they know you.  The defendant will get your medical records, employment records, and dig through other documents of your life in order to defeat your claim. You need to have trust and faith in your legal team. And even though at first it may be awkward to bond so intimately and immediately, you must be able to feel truly comfortable and well cared for in the attorney-client relationship.

You don’t need to pick a lawyer just like you (if there is any such person). But you should pick someone you trust to listen and understand where you are coming from.  This ability stems from both legal experience and life experience. 

Stritmatter Kessler Koehler Moore is proud to be diverse in many ways.  Our attorneys and staff work closely with our clients so that we can understand their unique qualities, circumstances, and needs. We have the privilege of being able to only take on clients with righteous causes which we pursue relentlessly and passionately.

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The Stritmatter Firm has over 50 years of experience specializing in serious personal injuries. If you or a loved one have experienced serious life-changing or life-ending circumstances, our attorneys want to help.