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By Lisa Benedetti

In a press conference on Monday, Seattle Children’s Hospital announced that it has now connected cases of Aspergillus infection going back as far as 2001, which they originally believed to be isolated incidents, to the hospital’s air filtration system.

“Looking back, we should have made the connection sooner. Simply put, we failed.” — Seattle Children’s CEO Jeff Sperring.

Ten of its operating rooms will remain closed through January to complete the installation of new rooftop air handler and HEPA filters in its operating rooms – a project that was originally scheduled to be finished in 2020, but has been accelerated given the recent incidents of mold.

Three of its operating rooms that already have the HEPA filtration system will remain open. Seattle Children’s planned changes to operating rooms can be found here.

Contact us here or email Lisa Benedetti with questions about mold contamination cases.