mid-air plane panel blowout last week caused passengers’ ears to bleed as people clung to one another and texted loved ones, according to harrowing details described in a new class-action lawsuit.

Six Alaska Airlines fliers and a relative are suing Boeing, the maker of the 737 MAX 9 aircraft, on behalf of all 171 on board after the event over Portland, Oregon, on January 5.

One woman “experienced so much pressure she thought her head would explode,” the suit said.

“As the airliner flew on, passengers feared they would not survive the flight. Thoughts of a complete plane malfunction and possible destruction naturally entered their minds.

“Some prayed. Some texted family to express their trepidation. Some gripped and clung to one another. Some adult passengers were crying. Most were eerily subdued in their collective helpless state, muted with masks on.”