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No interviews are being given out of respect for the baby’s recent death and family’s grief. 

This is the family’s statement. 

Dear Members of the Press and Community:

Yesterday our precious and beloved baby daughter, Elizabeth lost her courageous battle to survive.  Since the day she was born six months ago with an underdeveloped heart, we have witnessed her determination to live.  We were so hopeful she would be able to come home.  

The wonderful medical doctors and staff at Seattle Children’s Hospital worked hard and with compassion to save our baby’s life.  But her chances of recovering were taken away when an operating room infected her with Aspergillus mold.  It grew inside of her and she just could not beat it.  She should never have suffered so much.  We are torn up as we wait for answers from the administration as to why their building was allowed to put our baby and so many other children in harm’s way.

We are filled with sorrow.  We do not want to have anger in our hearts.  We love Beth and always will.   Thank you for your outpouring of support and care for our family.  

Katie Hutt and Micah Hutt (and Beth’s sisters Addie and Averey)