Travis Jameson

Outside the Office

Travis enjoys spending his free time traveling, running, and lifting weights.

Trial lawyers regularly speak in grand platitudes and banners.  We talk about obtaining justice and accountability.  But what does that really mean to our clients?  The truth is there is no universal answer to this key question.   For each client, obtaining justice and accountability is different and impacted by the unique circumstances of each case. 

My personal initiation with the civil justice system occurred almost three decades ago.  I was a teenager and involved in a serious car accident.  I felt like a number, just one of many transactions.  In essence, my voice unheard and the experience, unpleasant.  My lawyer never understood my needs because he never took the time to ask what was most important to me during this process.  The legal process is mysterious to most people.  It certainly was to me back then.  I could walk into a restaurant and know with my first bite whether the chef was successful in the preparation of her dish; but I had no idea if my lawyer was doing a good job for me or not. 

I was not drawn to the law out of some innate sense of justice or a passion for litigation.  I do not admire how the legal process is used by defendants against personal injury claimants.  So often defendants have no excuse for what they did that ended up hurting someone – and yet their insurance companies use the system to attack the plaintiffs.  I find this behavior to be distasteful and disdainful.  I’ve experienced it first hand as teenager.  Consequently, I strive to creatively achieve a result driven experience for my clients.  Checking off boxes and blindly marching down a traditional path is not how I advocate for clients.  As a single father to two young daughters, I live by the general parenting rule: firm but fair.  I incorporate this approach when litigating cases.

Over my career, I’ve handled hundreds of cases.  Everything from spinal cases to wrongful death to traumatic brain injury.  As wide ranging as automobile crashes to class actions for invasion of privacy.  The primary determination for whether I’ll take on a case is people driven.  By that, I mean that I need to like the client, care about their cause,  and realistically be able to help them achieve what is important to them through our legal justice system. 

The key to a successful relationship is often do you mesh well with your lawyer.  I take great pride in my work and the relationships I build with clients.  Genuine empathy, unwavering determination, and creativity drive my work.  Many past clients and associating attorneys become family.       

+ Memberships & Leadership

  • Washington State Association for Justice (WSAJ): Eagle Member (YYYY)
  • American Association for Justice (AAJ)
  • Nevada Justice Association

+ Presentations

  • Washington State Association for Justice, 2014 Summer Convention, Luvera Seminar, "Small Faces, Big Recoveries: Exploring Facet Syndrome"

+ Education

  • University of Oregon School of Law, J.D. cum laude, 2002
  • University of Nevada Las Vegas, B.A. magna cum laude, 1999

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