Public Justice

At the Public Justice Annual Gala in Montreal on July 13, 2015, Stritmatter Kessler partner, Brad J. Moore accepted his new position as Public Justice national president. Our firm is incredibly honored to take an active part of Public Justice. Public Justice (PJ) is the country’s largest public interest law firm. PJ pursues high impact lawsuits to combat social and economic injustice, protect the Earth’s sustainability, and challenge predatory corporate conduct and government abuses. Public Justice has won landmark victories in numerous areas of the law.

A quick glimpse at a few of Public Justice’s recent work: In June 2015 , the organization announced a first-of-its-kind settlement in an Anti-Bullying case in New York. Public Justice served as co-counsel in a suit brought on behalf of five students who faced pervasive anti-Semitic bullying and harassment in the Pine Bush School District. As part of the settlement negotiated, in part, by Public Justice counsel, the local school district adopted a comprehensive plan to address and prevent future bullying, including training for students and staff and federal oversight of anti-bullying efforts by the Department of Education¹s Office of Civil Rights. 

Public Justice also helped secure settlements with four industrial mega-dairies in rural Washington responsible for contaminating groundwater. Under the terms of the settlement, the dairies will provide clean drinking water to potentially hundreds of households with polluted water and drastically change their operations in ways intended to stop future contamination to the area¹s water supply to protect public health and the environment. In addition to Public Justice and others, Brad J. Moore of Stritmatter Kessler Whelan also served as counsel in the case.

The organization has received prominent press attention, including The New York Times, NBC News, Reuters and The Guardian newspaper, which recently published an op-ed, coordinated by Public Justice, highlighting the story of Rosa Moreno, a Mexican factory worker who lost both her hands while manufacturing flat screen televisions and whose case was later dismissed in court. The op-ed was shared more than 83,000 times on social media, highlighting the breadth and impact of Public Justice’s work.

Paul Bland, Public Justice’s Executive Director expressed his enthusiasm about the organization’s incoming president: 

Brad Moore is not just a terrific trial lawyer, he’s a genuine leader. He has earned the trust and respect of everyone inside the organization and on our board, so that when he speaks, people listen closely to his insights. I am confident that we’ll have a bigger impact in our work ­ do more to protect the Earth’s sustainability and fight predatory corporate abuses ­ because of Brad’s help in guiding us forward.