Mass Transit Disaster Response

The Seattle Fire Department utilized Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) protocol in responding to the crash site.  This was the largest MCI that most officers had attended.  Triage began almost immediately.  This meant prioritizing the worst injured to be taken to Harborview, and then lesser injuries to other surrounding hospitals.  Many victims were trapped and needed to be extracted.  Everyone agrees that the MCI was handled brilliantly by the SFD.  Transcripts and the incident report help set the scene of what was involved.

*Warning – there are dramatic images in the SFD report.  Please exercise discretion.

Chapa Transcript PHOTO.png

Chapa Transcript

Lt. John Fisk Transcript PHOTO.png

Lt. John Fisk Transcript

Exhibit 5 Aurora MCI SEA 2383-PHOTO.png

Seattle Fire Department Incident Safety Report