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Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Medical Malpractice

Injury and death resulting from medical errors is a national epidemic. (Medical News Today (2004)).  The annual toll associated with medical errors is reportedly in the range of 98,000 deaths per year. (Journal of American Medical Association (1999)).  Medicine errors alone injure 1.5 million people annually. (National Academy of Science (2006)).

Medical negligence claims require the understanding of complex medical issues.  Claims against health care providers are among the most difficult and expensive cases we undertake.  The plaintiff has to prove, through medical experts, that there was a violation of the standard of care owed the patient by the provider.  The plaintiff also has to prove that a cause of the harm to the patient was the provider’s deviation from the standard of care.  Both propositions must be established by expert testimony from health care witnesses of the same or similar specialty as the provider.  This of course means that success in this area of the law is dependent upon the lawyer’s ability to consult with the appropriate experts.

Over the years, we at SKW have developed relationships with many medical experts in a vast number of specialty fields.  In other words we know where to go to obtain the best team to prosecute your case.

Representative cases

Marvin v. Hospital

Heart attack, stroke and brain injury from anesthesia accident

Geis v. HMO

Wrong kidney removed

Steen v. Hospital

Death related to bariatric surgery

Robinson v. HMO

Delayed diagnosis of oral cancer resulting in death

Weller v. HMO

Failure to diagnose prostate cancer

Lovejoy v. Rice

Fetal death related to umbilical cord presentation

Crawford v. Hospital

Eleven-month-old baby girl died from mid-bowel cyst identified by radiologist but ignored by doctors.

Dilio v. Jang

Vision problems due to LASIK eye surgery.

John Doe v. XYZ

Doctors $7.5 million settlement Surgeons removed the wrong kidney during the plaintiff's surgery.

Doe v. Surgeon & Hospital

$5.25 million settlement Our legal team settled a wrongful death case against a surgeon and a hospital who had been sued for failing to take appropriate steps after surgery to diagnose and treat our client for a perforated bowel. We were able to recover $5.25 million for our client's widow and two children.

Sargent v. Children's Hospital & Medical Center

$2.8 million settlement Ten-day-old Justin Sargent was transferred to Children's Hospital in Seattle for treatment of an intestinal perforation. Doctors eventually prescribed 62.5 mcg doses of Enalapril, a medication for hypertension. About a week later Justin received a dosage of 625 mcg, ten times the usual amount. The hypotensive episode that followed left Justin with cerebral palsy, quadriparesis and impaired vision.

Aberle v. Levy

Our plaintiff's family brought a wrongful death claim against a doctor who failed to diagnose the patient's bone cancer.