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Auto Products Liability Attorneys

Auto product litigation is a subspecialty within the specialty field of product liability litigation. These are particularly challenging cases. The auto manufacturers have unlimited resources in terms of money and access to test facilities and engineering experts. Virtually every case involves engineering design, biomechanics/occupant kinematics and accident reconstruction. Over the years SKW lawyers have developed strong relationships with dozens of experts who can provide the scientific testimony needed to prosecute an auto defect case.

Representative cases

Auto Products Liability

SKW auto products liability client, Jesse Magana went all the way to the WA State Supreme Court to secure justice.

Magana v. Hyundai

Confidential seven-figure settlement after the Washington State Supreme Court awarded an $8 million verdict for Jesse Magana, the front seat passenger who was thrown through the rear window of the car when his seat back broke, rendered a paraplegic.

Whitlow v. General Motors

Post-collision fire -- side saddle fuel tank explosion

Worden v. General Motors

Post-collision fire – side saddle fuel tanks – massive burns.

Cram v. Chrysler

Engine fire penetrated fire wall after colliding with another vehicle.  Two deaths – driver and front seat passenger – boy in the back seat lost both legs to burn injuries.

Kirkwood v. General Motors

Plaintiff t-boned a GM pickup which had fuel tanks outside the frame rail.  Fuel entered the car through the shattered windshield killing a young girl, injuring a young boy and severely burned the grandmother who was driving.

Hollins v. Nissan

Airbag in 1994 Altima put out the eye of an 11-year-old belted passenger in a slight frontal impact.

Bird v. General Motors

Mr. Bird was burned to death in his 1988 sedan when he struck the side of a GM flat bed truck with side saddle fuel tanks.

Swanson v. Nissan

Front seat passenger lost an eye while riding in a 1994 Altima.  Curb strike fired the bag.

Sandoval v. General Motors

Post-collision fuel fed fire -- side saddle fuel tanks.

Young v. Chrysler

Post-collision fire in a truck. The drive shaft penetrated an unguarded fuel tank.  Plaintiff received 3rd degree burns over 40% of her body.

Auto Products Liability

SKW brought justice for auto products liability client, Marissa Schneider, pictured here with her mother.

Hilde v. Les Schwab

Tire failure --  killed two promising, young, professional baseball players.

Jaramillo v. Ford

Young girl and her mother killed in Ford Explorer rollover due to vehicle instability.

2006 – Phillips v. Chrysler

‘Park to reverse’ accident in Dodge Ram Truck.  Truck gear shift slipped from "park" into reverse rolling over the driver as he left the cab to inspect the load.

2007 – Ball v. Chrysler

Park to reverse case involving a Dodge Durango

2007 – Kambury v. Chrysler

Death from internal bleeding – chest hit steering wheel after the steering column broke.

2008 – Schneider v. Chrysler

Design defect and weld failures of older model vehicle that did not preserve the occupant compartment in an offset frontal collision, resulting in multiple fractures and catastrophic brain injury.

Doe v. Auto Manufacturer & Medical Facility

A Washington woman was severely burned when her truck's gas tank caught fire after it was struck in a collision. The woman in the other vehicle had just checked out of a major medical facility while still impaired by medications. We brought the product liability case against the truck manufacturer and got a good settlement. Then we turned our attention to the medical facility and got the facility's expert to admit the driver of the other car was too intoxicated from medications to drive safely.