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Results Over $1 Million

Results Over $1 million

SKW attorneys worked to bring justice in the Monster Truck case. Sebastian Hizey & his father are pictured here.


  • Munich v. Skagit Emergency Communications Center (June 2013). William Munich was on his property when neighbor Marvin Ballsmider starting to fire gunshots at him. William called 911 and listened to the dispatcher, who had told him that help was on its way. Unbeknownst to WIlliam, the call was not coded as a priority one emergency call. The deputy's car traveled without picking up speed and without sirens. William was shot dead minutes before the Skagit Co. officers arrived at the scene. Settlement for $2.3 million..
  • John Doe v. X Corporation (April 2013). A left turning driver failed to yield the right of way on a two lane road, to a motorcyclist who was lawfully coming the other direction. The middle aged auto mechanic attempted to avoid collision but was struck and went up and over the front of the truck’s hood. He suffered multiple orthopedic fractures and internal injuries. Settlement for $1.85M.


  • Fogle v. Clark County, et al. (Nov. 2012). Closed head brain injury of a young woman who was a back seated passenger in a car. The vehicle was t-boned by a van into a utility pole at a poorly designed intersection. $4.3M jury verdict. $1M collected from corporation and its van driver, $2M paid by Clark County, $300,000 paid by vehicle driver.
  • Holden v. Farmers Ins Co. of WA (January 2012). A consumer class action settled on behalf of over 7,000 insureds who were improperly denied applicable Washington State sales tax on personal property losses.  The case settled following the Washington State Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision
    Results Over $1 million

    SKW brought justice for auto products liability client, Marissa Schneider, pictured here with her mother.

    upholding the trial court’s ruling in favor of the plaintiff/insured.  The case called for Farmers to pay sales tax plus 12% interest per annum to every insured who submits a valid claim form, plus $500,000 in attorney fees and costs.
  • Michelle v. Medical Group (March 2012). $1 million case in a medical negligence case for failure to timely diagnose Merkell cell cancer in a 50-year old woman.


  • Confidential v. Confidential (June 2011). Case for $1,250,000 for wrongful death of 63 year old killed in a Western Washington nursing home as a result of negligent treatment.
  • Riddall v. Fred Meyer (August 2011). $2.5 million wrongful death case
  • Messner Estate v. Confidential (October 2011). Confidential wrongful death/product liability case.  Chain-shot fired through cab of a harvester, striking Messner in the neck.
  • Client (family of killed motor scooter driver) v. Defendant Motor Vehicle Driver (November 2011). $1.1 million wrongful death case for motor vehicle versus motor scooter accident.


  • Magana, confidential 8-figure amount vehicle design jury verdict.
  • Gendler, $8 million bridge design case.
  • Perez, $7 million jobsite injury case
  • Results Over $1 million

    SKW nursing home abuse client, Jeff Sanderson with his mother Gwynn. A large jury verdict was awarded.

    Confidential  $5 million plane crash  case. 
  • Confidential, $2.85 million automobile accident injury with airbag failure case.
  • Maislen $2.5 million automobile accident injury jury verdict. 
  • Cooper, $2.3 million jobsite death case. 
  • Glantz, $2.25 million defective roadway crossing case.
  • Dowrey, $2 million defective play equipment case. 
  • Meiklejohn, $1.1 million automobile accident injury/pedestrian case. 
  • Jane Doe (confidential plaintiff), $1 million failure by a Tribe to properly supervise resulting in a rape case.


  • Hizey, (confidential amount) monster truck rally case
  • Brown, $3.225 million air crash case.
  • Samples, $2.94 million trucking and bad faith case.
  • Confidential plaintiff, $1.85 million (confidential) jobsite injury case
  • Barnum, $1.3 million trucking crash case.
  • Caffrey, $1.025 million trucking crash case.