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Featured Cases

Lan Remme

Lan Remme sustained profound injuries from a bike accident. SKW helped him obtain a $4 million settlement with the State and City of Seattle

SKW has worked on behalf of those suffering from wrongful death and catastrophic injuries for over 30 years. These cases are just a few that provide a glimpse at how we at Stritmatter Kessler have brought justice to those fighting corporations, the government, insurance companies, and negligent employers.

Santos v. confidential bar

David Santos lost his young son, when a drunk driver hit him on a well lit road. Terrance Oleson and James Nichols started celebrating another friend's 25th birthday by drinking about a dozen screwdrivers and smoking pot at Nichols' house. After getting served a series of beers and shots at the defendant bar, the drunk duo went on a small trek that resulted in hitting young Shane. Shane was on a bike, headed to the 7-11 with his friends (who survived but were seriously injured). He died at the scene. Learn more here.

Sofie v. Fibreboard

Even after 25 years, Sofie remains one of the most important cases for personal injury and wrongful death plaintiffs. Cited by courts throughout the country, the decision has since abolished the "cap" on damages contained in RCW 4.56.250.

Heather Spriggs v. Grays Harbor Community Hospital et. al. (confidential settlement)

Twenty-seven year old Heather Spriggs had a complete body when she arrived at Grays Harbor Community Hospital on October 27, 2011. A day and one-half later, she was flown out almost dead. Surgeons at the UW Hospital had to cut off her cadaverous legs to save her life.

Munich v. Skagit County and Skagit County 911

After Bill Munich called 911 twice, a successful entrepreneur, was gunned down by his drunken neighbor. The 911 dispatch operator had miscategorized Bill's call as Priority 2, so that the responding officer did not turn his sirens on or speed to Bill's rescue. His family was received a $2.3 million settlement.

Heather Spriggs

In a class action lawsuit against Sprint PCS, SKW obtained a $20 million settlement.

Lacey Hicks v State of WA, City of Aberdeen

Due to lack of maintenance of the light poles on the Chehalis River Bridge, one of them smashed through Lacey's car. Lacey sustained serious injuries, including a spinal cord injury. In Spring 2012, the State finally indicated readiness to fund a project for a proper lighting system

Candelario Perez v. confidential construction company

Learn more about how SKW fought for Mr. Perez, against a construction company for allowing workers to work under treacherous conditions.

Magana v. Hyundai Motor Corp.

After years of fighting with Hyundai and appearing before the state Supreme Court, Jesse Magana received a large settlement from Hyundai. Learn more.

John LaMacchia v. Confidential

John LaMacchia, MD/PhD student at UW Medical School, was a responsible bicyclist when he was struck by a distracted driver. He was paid a significant insurance settlement.

Sanderson v. Evergreen Rehabilitation

SKW nursing home abuse attorneys fought on behalf of a young man who suffered repeated neglect and abuse over the course of one-year at a skilled nursing facility.

Heather Spriggs

Heather Spriggs lost her legs when Grays Harbor Community Hospital & some of its doctors/staff failed to exercise due care. She obtained a confidential settlement.

Schneider v. Major Car Manufacturer

SKW Seattle auto injury who suffered catastrophic injuries from a car crash.

Petersen v. Finazzo

Mr. Petersen, an active young man was seriously hurt on the job but found justice through SKW attorneys. A jury rendered a verdict of $1,033,000 at his trial.

Glanz v. City of Lynnwood

Ms. Glanz was seriously injured when attempting to cross a pedestrian walkway. With the help of SKW governmental liability attorneys, she sued the City of Lynnwood for neglecting to correct a defective warning lights that it had knowledge about, and settled for $2.25 million.

Pattison v. City of Chelan

SKW sought justice for MR Pattison, who sustained serious diving injuries and is now a tetraplegic (formerly "quadriplegic") Pattison has founded a nonprofit for spinal cord injury rehab.

Kime v. City of Seattle

The Kime case is well known by Seattle residents who were around in the early 2000's. Young Kris Kime was trying to help an innocent victim, who was being attacked during the Mardi Gras riots of 2001, when he himself was then beaten to death. Despite Kris' friends pleas to the police, who stood nearby the beating, the officers complied with the Mayor's orders to do nothing. Suing the City was a way to hold it accountable for decisions that led to avoidable death and injuries.

Marissa Schneider

Marissa Schneider before the crash.

Gendler v. State of Washington

Mickey Gendler was rendered a quadriplegic after his bike tire was caught in a seam on the Montlake Bridge. Gendler's bike injury attorneys learned that the State had known about the serious dangers that the bridge posed to bicyclists for years, yet it had opted to do nothing until this significant case was decided against the State in 2010. Gendler is now an outspoken advocate for others with spinal cord injuries.

Gendler v. Batiste, WSP

When Mr. Gendler learned that WSP had accident reports pointing to the bridge's history of problems for cyclists, he sought those files. But WSP refused to turn them over, unless Gendler agreed not to sue WSP based on the information from those files. Gendler refused to that agreement and sued the WSP and its head (Batiste) to obtain the documents that he had a right to access. The WA Supreme Court decided in April 2012 that Batiste/WSP was wrong to withhold those documents, saying that such agencies had a statutory duty to disclose information sought under the Public Records Act.

Holden v. Farmers Insurance Co.

Jesse Magana

Jesse Magana went all the way to the WA State Supreme Court to secure justice.

Stritmatter Kessler is proud to obtain another victory on behalf of Washington State consumers . Final approval of our successful mediation of Holden now means justice for all class members who submit a valid claim to Farmers (100% compensation + interest). Please see the following documents, if you want to file a claim.

Bryan v. [Confidential] Hotel

Zula Bryan and her husband were staying at an established hotel in Kent, Washington. In December 2010, the only way into their hotel room was via an outside stairway. Although the hotel had received several complaints about falls on its icy walkways due to the snow and freezing temperatures, it failed to do anything in time. Zula's fall down the stairs resulted in major injuries, including loss of sight in one of her eyes.