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SKW's Significant Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Cases in WA State

State settles with Owen family for Hwy 2 tree fall for $10 million.

Sanderson Nursing Home Abuse

SKW nursing home abuse client, Jeff Sanderson with his mother Gwynn. A large jury verdict was awarded.

With each successful verdict and settlement, Stritmatter Kessler Whelan (SKW) continues to garner national recognition.  We are proud of the results that we have obtained for our Seattle-Everett-Tacoma and Washington State clients. The work of our highly experienced injury attorneys has helped change the law to prevent similar tragedies or to provide consumers with adequate protection. Our cases are typically high profile. Due to the nature of our cases, we often obtain in excess of $1 million for our clients. Below is just a sample of our trial lawyers' successes.*

We at SKW feel privileged and honored to be the top choice for some of the most significant personal injury and wrongful death claims in the Northwest.  Our attorneys are committed to providing top notch representation to our clients. This might be the reason why no other personal injury law firm in Washington State has as many Super Lawyers as our law firm

Below is small sample of just a few of our over 150 cases resulting at least seven and eight figures for our clients..

Owen v. State of Washington (Result: $10,000,000)

The Owen family members who survived the December 21, 2012 tree fall incident on U.S. 2 obtained a $10 million from the State of Washington.

In the days leading up to the tragedy, a combination of unusual weather events led to a highly dangerous situation in Chelan County. Despite reports of fallen trees along Stephens Pass, the State chose not to shut it down. Learn more about the case.

Remme v. State of Washington and City of Seattle (Result: $4,000,000)

In April 2010, the Washington State Department of Transportation photo-documented a 2 inch vertical drop between two sidewalk panels on Montlake Bridge and called it a Priority One "tripping hazard." Despite assigning it a repair number, no action was taken. A year later on April 2, 2011, Lan Remme rode his bicycle onto this area of the Bridge. Because of the way the shadow hit that sidewalk, Lan did not see the problematic drop as the front tire of his bike abruptly stopped, pitching him over the handlebars. His helmeted head struck the sidewalk, and he was left motionless. Mr. Remme is now an incomplete quadriplegic.

Van Lears v. State of Washington (Result: $3,950,000)

Keith and Lisa Van Lear were riding a motorcycle eastbound on State Route 2 in Spokane. Jill Link was stopped on Flint Road, waiting to turn left onto SR 2.  After looking both left and right twice, and seeing what she believed was a break in highway traffic, Ms. Link drove her Jeep Cherokee forward into the intersection and struck the Plaintiffs’ previously hidden motorcycle, knocking the Van Lears through the air and onto the pavement.  The Link Jeep then ran over Ms. Van Lear and dragged her across the highway. Ms. Link reported to responding police officers that the intersection was busy, with limited gaps in east-west traffic on SR 2, and that the right-turning truck had blocked her view of the Van Lear motorcycle.

The SR 2-Flint Road intersection had for years presented safety challenges for drivers intending to turn left onto the highway, as was the case with Ms. Link. Boeing had a nearby facility and communicated concerns over the unsafe condition, offering to pay for a traffic signal to protect its employees. But WSDOT declined the offer. Keith Kessler and Brad J. Moore took the case all the way to the WA Supreme Court, which decided on the issue of whether discretionary immunity should extend to "every minor decision related to highway design and maintenance." The Supreme Court decided against WSDOT's argument for discretionary immunity.

Heather Spriggs v. Grays Harbor Community Hospital et. al. (confidential settlement)

Twenty-seven year old Heather Spriggs had a complete body when she arrived at Grays Harbor Community Hospital on October 27, 2011. A day and one-half later, she was flown out almost dead. Surgeons at the UW Hospital had to cut off her cadaverous legs to save her life

Munich v. Skagit County and Skagit County 911

After Bill Munich called 911 twice, a successful entrepreneur, was gunned down by his drunken neighbor. The 911 dispatch operator had miscategorized Bill's call as Priority 2, so that the responding officer did not turn his sirens on or speed to Bill's rescue. His family was received a $2.3 million settlement in this government liability case.

Monster Truck Case

Monster Truck

SKW attorneys worked to bring justice in the Monster Truck case. Sebastian Hizey & his father are pictured here.

In Aug. 2009, Stritmatter Kessler attorneys helped Sebastian’s family and his Estate to reach a confidential settlement with the owner/manufacturer of the Monster Truck and the promoter who put on the event.

Magana v. Hyundai Motor Corp

$8 million default judgment rendered by the Washington State Supreme Court for this historic auto products liability case. The Supreme Court upheld the lower court's decision: "Trial courts need not tolerate deliberate and willful discovery abuse. Given the unique facts and circumstances of this case, we hold that the trial court appropriately diagnosed Hyundai's willful efforts to frustrate and undermine truthful pretrial discovery efforts..." (emphasis added)

Kime v. City of Seattle

Wrongful death settlement

One of the worst decisions the City of Seattle ever made was to allow Pioneer Square to erupt into riots during Mardi Gras 2001. Kristopher Kime was bending over to help a young woman who had been beaten and knocked to the ground, when he was violently attacked. His friends ran to the perimeter of the riot zone and begged police to help. They were told that the officers had been instructed not to render assistance. Kris was lifted off the street and carried to the police by friends and off-duty firefighters. But it was too late. He died of massive brain injuries.

Glanz v. City of Lynnwood

Sharla Glanz, at 69 years old, was seriously injured as a pedestrian at a crosswalk. The accident occurred because the warning lights failed to work. The City of Lynnwood attempted to blame Glanz in its defense, but Stritmatter Kessler Whelan personal injury attorneys made sure that they were held accountable.


SKW brought justice for auto products liability client, Marissa Schneider, pictured here with her mother.

Petersen v. Finazzo

$1.033 million verdict for injuries suffered when a structure collapsed causing a severe right foot fracture requiring fusion and fixation surgery with hardware.

Sanderson v. Evergreen Rehabilitation Bremerton

$851,000 judgment awarded to a 36-year-old, highly dependent brain injury patient, who suffered repeated neglect and abuse over the course of a one-year stay at a skilled nursing facility.

Schneider v. Major Car Manufacturer

A young woman suffered profound injuries as the result of a tragic car accident. The other driver testified that Ms. Schneider did nothing wrong. SKW brought justice and went to trail against the car manufacturer of Marissa's car, for faulty design. A confidential settlement was obtained for Marissa and her family.

Ethel Adams v. Farmers Insurance Co.

Insurance Bad Faith

The public became outraged as media covered the lawsuit: Michael Testa rammed his girlfriend’s truck as he chased her down Aurora Avenue. The truck crossed the centerline where it flipped upside down ontop of and head on into Ethel Adams almost killing her. Ethel’s insurance company, Farmers decided not to pay the claim because road rage was not an "accident".

The Insurance Commissioner threatened to shut Farmers down in Washington at which point it changed its mind and paid on the policy. Ethel then sued Farmers for bad faith. One year after Ethel was hurt, the Governor signed the Ethel Adams bill into law – when an innocent person is injured in a car accident, the insurance company can no longer play the same word games.

Learn about how the Ethel Adams case changed the law.

Dussault v. Midcentury Insurance Co.

($2.825 million settlement)  In one of the largest insurance bad faith cases in Washington State, our legal team facilitated a settlement arising from a car accident that resulted in a severe closed-head injury.

McCallum v. Allstate

A bad faith insurance case against Allstate received support from Court of Appeals Div. II, which upheld the trial judge's ruling that reversed entry of a protective order for Allstate's CCPR and other claim manuals. Allstate was ordered to produce the documents without a protective order--an important ruling for consumers.

Stanton v. LeMay

$2.7 million settlement for the deaths of two minor children who were passengers in a vehicle that rear-ended a recycling truck without proper under-ride protection guard that had stopped in the roadway.

Clauson v. Ashland, Inc.

Confidential settlement for a diagnosis of malignant pleural mesothelioma for a housewife as a result of being contaminated by asbestos fibers at home because of the work exposure of her ex-husband.

Jane Doe v. XYZ Corporation

$2.65 million confidential settlement for a traumatic brain injury due to a Automobile Accidents for the defective design and manufacture of a vehicle.

Pattison v. City of Chelan

$4.5 million settlement for a spinal cord injury that resulted in the client being a tetraplegic. Client dove into Lake Chelan in a city park and hit his head on submerged rocks. No warnings of the danger was posted.

Meadows v XYZ Corp

$3.2 million settlement for client who suffered a brain injury in a fall from a window.

Huang v. Lustyk

$2.9 million settlement for injuries suffered when a vehicle ran into a motorcycle.

Boyd Estate v. Les Schwab Tires

$1.9 million settlement for death of motorcycle operator when improperly tightened wheel fell off of car and struck him.

Weller v. HMO

$1 million settlement. Failure to diagnose prostate cancer.

Wallace v. Tesoro

$1.1 million settlement involving a pipe fitter who suffered permanent injuries from an overhead obstruction while climbing a scaffold access ladder.

Sholtz v. Kuhn

$1.15 million settlement for 61-year-old woman who suffered a comminuted and compound fracture of her leg when hit by a vehicle while traveling on a motorcycle. Infections of the leg required extensive medical treatment.

Plaintiff v. Defendant

$3.7 million settlement for death of a 46-year-old airline pilot husband father of two. Truck turned in front of his motorcycle. Substantial comparative negligence issues.

Wade v. Pierce County

$1.25 million settlement for death of a 12-year-old on a bicycle struck by a police vehicle.

Watson v. XYZ Corp.

$4.9 million settlement for woman struck in face with a leaf spring that fell off a truck suspension system. Closed head injury and facial disfigurement.

Forestier v. City of Vancouver

$6,050,000 settlement for a French foreign exchange student who was a pedestrian hit by a vehicle while crossing Fort Vancouver Way on her way to school. The City failed to provide proper lighting for the crossing.

Meza v. United Tempering Systems/Meza

$1.525 million settlement for a child injured in a motor vehicle crash when a truck barreled into another motor vehicle, resulting in a closed head injury.

Fulton v. XYZ Corp

$2.2 million settlement for a roofer who fell from a construction site roof 35 feet rendering him a paraplegic. Suit was against general contractor and second tier contractor for failure to maintain a safe workplace. Substantial comparative negligence issues.

*Past results are not any guarantee of results cases that we agree to take.