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26 March 2015

Finding Justice for Exposed Premera Customers

Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler is not the only one who is wondering why it took Premera so long to act, after realizing that at least 11 million individuals’ information w... Read more

20 March 2015

What could Premera have done to prevent the massive data breach ?

Many questions ran through my head about Premera’s information security, when news came out earlier this week about its massive data breach involving at least 11 million customers first hit th... Read more

18 March 2015

520 Sign Falls, Wreaks Havoc with Accidents/Injuries

Not that I’m superstitious, but what happened on the 520 bridge yesterday has a bizarre, “Friday the 13th” quality to it.  According to The Seattle Times, a sign hit a bus near Lake... Read more

16 March 2015

Nordstrom Family Frequent Fliers via Company Planes Gets Shareholders’ Attention

A derivative shareholder lawsuit was filed with plaintiff Judith Burbrink, claiming that retailer Nordstrom filed false, misleading proxy statements with the SEC that covers up the substantial cos... Read more

13 March 2015

Raising the Bar for Nursing Home Ratings

In late February of this year, federal star ratings of almost one-third of the nursing homes in the U.S. took a big hit. This is the result of a major adjustment of the quality standards that the Cen... Read more

4 March 2015

Manufacturer of dangerous Trinity ET Plus guardrails ordered to unseal entire court files

Yesterday, a court order to unseal the entire court file in the massive whistleblower case against Trinity Guardrails (maker of now infamous ET Plus guardrails) will likely save many lives. This file ... Read more

2 March 2015

Could the FDA have done more?

    As potential clients continue to call our firm, more details about what the FDA knew and didn’t do with its knowledge continue to surface. When I first learned about the “dir... Read more

27 February 2015

Most Deadly List – Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars

With gas still relatively cheap for now more consumers are considering buying a new car as the auto industry experiences double digit growth not seen since 2002. In fact, more are leaning towards com... Read more

20 February 2015

Some patients suffered or died from “dirty” duodenescopes

Recently, I wrote about a jaw-dropping story about the carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) “superbug” related deaths stemming from duodedenscope procedures done at Seattle’... Read more

6 February 2015

New law would ban holding cell phone in cars

Remember several years ago, when the State made talking on a handheld phone while driving illegal? Well, Washington State lawmakers are now proposing a much stricter law that altogether bans holdin... Read more