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21 November 2014

Seattle’s 2nd Ave Death Trap – Bike Man Dan finds many risks for the uninitiated

As I’ve blogged about a number of times–even before the death of cyclist/attorney Sher Kung–many, including country’s bike expert/Rutgers professor John Pucher, have considered... Read more

19 November 2014

Second Avenue Redux: Solving the mystery of those curved arrows…

In a previous post, I asked if anyone knew what those curved arrows at the Madison intersection signified. Bike Man Dan (our Dan Laurence, who is an experienced cyclist, when he’s not busy repr... Read more

11 November 2014

2nd Ave Corridor & downtown Seattle need to do more for bicycle safety

A little more than three months after the tragic and preventable death of cyclist/new mother/attorney Sher Kung, more is needed for bicyclist safety on the treacherous Second Avenue corridor in downt... Read more

6 November 2014

Taking on another Goliath, Dun & Bradstreet

SKW Brad Moore is waging a battle against another Goliath. This one is against Dun & Bradstreet in a class action lawsuit. One of the many Davids is small business owner O & R Construction fr... Read more

4 November 2014

News about Takata Airbags–Not Just a Lot of Hot Air

Airbag manufacturer Takata has been in the news a lot lately. But the saying “no news is bad news” doesn’t apply for Takata these days. Their dangerous airbags are a big problem for... Read more

3 November 2014

Crash course in surviving a plane accident

Despite the tragic Virgin Galactic space plane crash that claimed a test pilot’s life last week, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos among other high tech executives still believe in the fu... Read more

27 October 2014

Remembering Justice Robert Utter, a captain of justice

Earlier this month, we lost a true captain of justice, retired Washington Supreme Court Justice Robert Utter, who died at age 84. I call him a “captain” because one of his passions was sai... Read more

21 October 2014

The Best at Closing the Doors of Justice: Hall of Hypocrites

While amusing at first glance, the milestones and goals of these “honorees” of the Hall of Lawsuit Hypocrites deserve ruthless scrutiny. Take a closer look at each of those listed in t... Read more

8 October 2014

Know this before skipping over the fine print

As consumers, we are constantly asked to sign agreements with our cell phone provider, a credit card company, a cable company, an ecommerce merchant, etc. Before signing these agreements, we are typi... Read more

25 September 2014

Seattle’s Second Avenue Bike Traffic Triples

About a week after the tragic death of Sher Kung, a cyclist who was hit by a left-turning truck on 2nd Avenue, the new protected bike lane with new traffic signals were installed on that infamous corr... Read more