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23 August 2014

Some medical providers will fight for bigger cut of wrongful death settlements

Last week, I was discussing the latest settlement offer with a client. While the number was not unreasonable, it was not our full demand. The client asked, “How much of this will go to the med... Read more

14 August 2014

Keep Young Children Away from Those Windows

A few summers ago, I blogged about the dangers of window falls for toddlers. SKW has represented clients in tragic window fall cases, many of whom have suffered brain injuries. In one of our cases, S... Read more

7 August 2014

Seattle’s new Bikeshare program will address higher risk of head injuries

Want to get somewhere fast but don’t want to rent a car or wait for a cab or bus? When visiting San Francisco a few weeks ago, I noticed a variety of bike share programs offered to locals and t... Read more

30 July 2014

Country’s largest public interest law firm elects SKW partner, Brad J. Moore to serve as President Elect

The country’s largest public interest law firm, Public Justice, elected SKW partner Brad J. Moore to serve as President Elect at the Foundation’s annual meeting this past Sunday. Brad has ... Read more

27 July 2014

Questions about recent construction worker’s death.

Several days ago, a construction worker fell to his death at a site on the Bellevue College campus. Exactly why he fell 50 feet off a ladder is still the subject of investigation. This tragedy is unfo... Read more

20 July 2014

Class actions empower consumers

A widespread fallacy is that class action lawsuits only help to line lawyers’  pockets.  This is what corporations want everyone to believe. That way, consumers who are hurt–either physi... Read more

12 July 2014

Healthy Aging After a Catastrophic Accident

My parents are in their early 70′s. They hike up mountains, golf daily, walk for hours, garden, and travel constantly. Sometimes, I get tired just hearing what they’re up to. But I’m... Read more

25 June 2014

SKW Karen Koehler Listed as a 2014 Washington Top 10 Super Lawyer

  I wasn’t surprised when I learned that our very own Karen Koehler was listed as one of the Top 10 Super Lawyers in Washington State. When I first shared the news with Karen several month... Read more

19 June 2014

Who wants to file a lawsuit against GM, Toyota or another auto manufacturer?

SKW attorneys have literally written the book when it comes to lawsuits against auto manufacturers. A few years ago, Paul Whelan published a booklet on Product Liability. Now, with the media tidal wav... Read more

16 June 2014

Class Action Against Sprint PCS Results in $20 Million Settlement

After eight years, a consumer class action lawsuit with Sprint customers, Christopher Hesse and Nathaniel Olsen as named plaintiffs, resulted in a $20 million settlement late last month.  The class a... Read more