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20 April 2014

Forward Thinking Law School Adds Brain Injury Course

Some law students not attending George Washington Law School might be a little jealous. The D.C. law school has started to provide the opportunity to learn about the legal issues involving traumatic b... Read more

15 April 2014

Lawsuits & Congress Demand GM to Answer Tough Questions

When you start a car and drive it down the road, the last thing you expect is for the engine to shut off without warning. But this is what apparently happened to at least a dozen drivers of the GM Cob... Read more

23 March 2014

Aviation crash victims must sort through more than just wreckage

The recent tragedies in aviation serve as harsh reminders that air travel may result in unforeseen and even deadly complications. Teams of investigators continue to sort through the scant clues to fig... Read more

16 March 2014

How can we make sports safer for youth?

While we have seen discussions about the risk of traumatic brain injuries for NFL players, some are shining a brighter light on injuries that occur for soccer and lacrosse players. A 2013 report auth... Read more

6 March 2014

Jury Awards Injured Electronics Technician and his Wife $3.876,139

Today, a jury at Gray Harbor County Courthouse arrived at a $3,876,139 verdict for a Toutle, WA man’s painful and disabling injuries as the result of the defendants’ negligence at an Oakville, WA ... Read more

2 March 2014

A battle won on the war for clean groundwater

Living near a dairy farm doesn’t sound so bad, right? After all, it would be easier to get fresh milk and cream. Maybe, but if you live in the lower Yakima Valley, you would also get significant... Read more

24 February 2014

Seattle full of aggressive drivers. Really?

According to a recent story by Linda Byron of King5, Seattle is full of aggressive drivers. This dispels the myth that drivers in the city are too slow or spacey. At least this is what Seattle Police ... Read more

15 February 2014

Sen. Becker pushes to rid huge ally of WA State consumers

For about 13 years the citizens of Washington State have had a huge ally in requiring insurance companies to play fair.  The insurance commissioner’s job is not an easy one, given the power tha... Read more

9 February 2014

Seahawks’ Super Bowl Triumph & Raising Awareness of TBI

Ok, I admit it, I loved watching the Seahawks score all 43 points against the Broncos during the Super Bowl. But much of the time, while seeing players crash into each other with abandon and great for... Read more

2 February 2014

Fast Growing Uber is Defendant in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Ride apps like Uber and Lyft are growing in popularity as more look to their smartphone apps to get quick and sometimes cheaper taxi service.  The business model of these rapidly growing companies is... Read more