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27 October 2014

Remembering Justice Robert Utter, a captain of justice

Earlier this month, we lost a true captain of justice, retired Washington Supreme Court Justice Robert Utter, who died at age 84. I call him a “captain” because one of his passions was sai... Read more

21 October 2014

The Best at Closing the Doors of Justice: Hall of Hypocrites

While amusing at first glance, the milestones and goals of these “honorees” of the Hall of Lawsuit Hypocrites deserve ruthless scrutiny. Take a closer look at each of those listed in t... Read more

8 October 2014

Know this before skipping over the fine print

As consumers, we are constantly asked to sign agreements with our cell phone provider, a credit card company, a cable company, an ecommerce merchant, etc. Before signing these agreements, we are typi... Read more

25 September 2014

Seattle’s Second Avenue Bike Traffic Triples

About a week after the tragic death of Sher Kung, a cyclist who was hit by a left-turning truck on 2nd Avenue, the new protected bike lane with new traffic signals were installed on that infamous corr... Read more

11 September 2014

Special dates for remembering our lost ones

And so this day comes each year and I brace myself. The day itself is not quite as emotional anymore (thank goodness), now that it’s been 13 years. Rather than numb myself to the sadness, itR... Read more

6 September 2014

In Memoriam Sher Kung: Sharp legal mind…warm and witty soul.

The past week or so I’ve been focused on the start of school for our little one (kindergarten, so this is all new to me!) and the piles of priorities at the office.  So, when I heard about ano... Read more

5 September 2014

Washington State Settles with Owen family for Tree Fall incident on Highway 2

The family members who survived the December 21, 2012 tree fall incident on U.S. 2 have settled their claims against the State of Washington for $10 million.   In the days leading up to the trage... Read more

23 August 2014

Some medical providers will fight for bigger cut of wrongful death settlements

Last week, I was discussing the latest settlement offer with a client. While the number was not unreasonable, it was not our full demand. The client asked, “How much of this will go to the med... Read more

14 August 2014

Keep Young Children Away from Those Windows

A few summers ago, I blogged about the dangers of window falls for toddlers. SKW has represented clients in tragic window fall cases, many of whom have suffered brain injuries. In one of our cases, S... Read more

7 August 2014

Seattle’s new Bikeshare program will address higher risk of head injuries

Want to get somewhere fast but don’t want to rent a car or wait for a cab or bus? When visiting San Francisco a few weeks ago, I noticed a variety of bike share programs offered to locals and t... Read more