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3 February 2016

Consumer protection class action certified against iIllegal debt collection

Today, King County Superior Court Judge Samuel Chung granted Plaintiffs’ Motion for Class Certification against Defendants Cach, LLC, SquareTwo Financial Corp., and Suttell & Hammer, P.S.... Read more

29 January 2016

Why all parents should care about Data Privacy for their families. #PrivacyAware

Today, January 28, 2016, is Data Privacy Day.  Big deal? It actually is: The first Data Privacy Day that occurred in the United States and Canada was in 2008, which was observed as an extension of... Read more

28 January 2016

WA Supreme Court decision is unanimous: Government has a duty to provide safe roads

Often my heart swells with pride for the work that my firm does because the results from our cases truly make our state safer for everyone. Today is one of those days: In a unanimous decision in W... Read more

25 January 2016

Cyclists: Watch out for the First Hill Streetcar tracks

With the quiet launch of the First Hill Streetcar this weekend, I am reminded of client Daniel Ahrendt‘s amazing recovery from his bicycle crash at an intersection, where the streetcar runs.  ... Read more

18 January 2016

Ride the Ducks returns to the streets

While some, like Ride the Ducks of Seattle’s CEO Brian Tracey, are thrilled to see the Ducks back on the roads, others aren’t. The Stritmatter Kessler firm is representing several of the c... Read more

5 January 2016

Garmin’s Varia may convince me to ride my bike more

I’m often an early adopter of high tech gadgets, when it’s a no brainer. This one will help me stay alive longer and help me ride more safely on my hybrid bike beyond the bounds of my ... Read more

23 December 2015

Two new Ducks victims file lawsuits today

The deadly Ride The Ducks crash that claimed six lives on Sept. 24th on the Aurora Bridge. Today the Ducks attempts to turn the corner. It is is the first day since that crash that some of the Duc... Read more

15 December 2015

Please help Ride the Ducks Victim for living & recovery expenses

On September 24, 2015, 18-year-old Phuong Dinh snapped photographs from her window seat in a charter bus filled with other North Seattle College students as it motored across the Aurora Bridge. “An... Read more

5 December 2015

Ride the Ducks victim hopes to get needed health care

  A few days ago, news reported the plight of SKW client, Phuong Dinh, 18 year old international student, who was seriously injured in the Oct. 2015 Ride the Ducks crash. With a long way to go... Read more

1 December 2015

Woman accused of tampering cell phone records in fatal pedestrian-car accident

I just read an article in today’s Seattle Times that I had to share here as it’s a stark reminder that distracted driving can kill. Washington was one of the first states to enact a ban on... Read more