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Airplane Crash / Cruise Injuries

Aviation Accident

Our client, Mike Hemmer, sued an international (confidential) airline and Boeing for injuries sustained after one of its airplanes crashed.

SKW is nationally recognized for our success in representing families of passengers involved in airplane/helicopter crashes. From international flight disasters to local small plane/helicopter crashes, we have helped lift the burden and ease the pain for those who have either lost a loved one or who have suffered serious injuries. Our long and impressive track record in aviation injury includes cases written about in national publications and featured in documentaries. Air transportation safely serves thousands of people every day. Yet on occasion when something does go wrong, the result is serious injury and often death. Aviation injury victims are suddenly faced with a number of important decisions that determine their legal rights. We understand this time of difficulty and have the knowledge and experience to help. Our attorneys are skilled in navigating jurisdictional mazes, working with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), and investigating causation with top aviation experts to determine liability or product defect issues of aircraft crashes. Our decades of experience and ability to aggressively investigate aviation injury cases sets us apart. Thorough preparation and persuasive presentation by our skilled attorneys have resulted in multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients. We welcome the chance to help clients and referring attorneys work through the intricacies of aircraft incidents.

Representative Cases

Otto v. The Boeing Company, Transdigm Group, Inc. and AmSafe, Inc.
Ken Otto was survived by his 16 year old son, Bostin Otto, after Ken sustained catastrophic injuries when working on a Boeing airplane.
Rocky Spencer v. Northwest Helicopters
(September, 2007) Rocky Spencer, a highly regarded wildlife biologist for Washington State, was killed when a main rotor disc blade on a Northwest Helicopters Hughes 500 struck him in the head and decapitated him.
Hemmer v. [Confidential] Airline
Mike Hemmer, a Boeing engineer, was on a business trip when he was flying back to Seattle from Istanbul. Little did he know that the trip he had made many times before would claim the life one of his colleagues. On February 24, 2009, Mike remembers taking a taxi to the airport to catch a flight to Amsterdam that would transfer him to a flight destined to Seattle. The next thing Mike knew, he woke up in a hospital in Amsterdam. He has no recollection of boarding the plane that ultimately crashed just under a mile away from Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. The fatalities included his Boeing coworker.

SKW airplane crash attorneys fought against incredible odds-- against the wealthy corporate opponents. After months of investigation, research, depositions, mediation, and trial-- SKW obtained justice for Mike Hemmer and his family.