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Free Online Consultation

When you or a family member has been injured in a serious accident, driving to an attorney’s office may not be a practical option. Between calls with insurance company adjusters, medical appointments, and a disabling injury — accident victims are sometimes unable to meet with a lawyer in person. This is why SKW offers free video legal consultations. Our firm wants to reduce your stress and relieve your burden during a potentially complex process.

Each of our attorneys is available to meet via standard video conferencing technology such as Skype. The process is simple and outlined below:

  • STEP 1 – Call us at (206) 448-1777 and mention that you want a free online consultation.  (Or, you can email us at and mention “Free Video Legal Consultation” in the subject heading.)
  • STEP 2 – Next, let us know the best days with times for an attorney to meet with you via video teleconference.
  • STEP 3 – With an agreed meeting time, let us know your ID to connect via Skype, Google Hangout, etc.
  • STEP 4 – Meet with an attorney via video teleconference and explain the details of your case.

At the video legal consultation, we will ask you the same questions and review your case just as if you were sitting in our offices. To allow a more efficient assessment of your case, we will ask you to fax, mail, or email copies of all the reports and records that relate to your injury, before the video consultation.

If we decide to take your case, we will ask you to sign an agreement. Our firm is paid on a contingency basis, which means that we do not get paid unless you get paid. Our firm does not typically charge on an hourly basis.