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Baker v. U.S. Legal

When a plaintiff files a lawsuit that an insurance company must defend, justice requires that both parties are charged the same costs for the same services. This includes charges incurred for court reporting (e.g., deposition transcriptions). Washington statute regulates the practice of court reporting. Certified reporters are officers of the court. They have ethical responsibilities to litigants and the bench.

In the case of Baker v. US Legal, evidence points to a “bulk purchasing” agreement that allowed Farmers Insurance Exchange to receive discounted pricing for court reporting services from US Legal.

Attorneys at our firm have filed a class action complaint against US Legal for unfair and deceptive practices that puts plaintiffs at a financial disadvantage. Large insurance companies have the resources to litigate motor vehicle cases on behalf of their insured. However, the plaintiffs who must file lawsuits to get adequately compensated for medical treatment must pay for these costs out of their own pocket. The very reason why they pursue litigation, in these cases, is because they cannot afford to pay the six-figure or seven-figure medical treatment costs.

If you/your attorney recently received an invoice from US Legal for court reporting services, you may be a part of the class. Please contact Travis Jameson via email at or call Travis at 206.448.1777.

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